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  Selling your property directly for cash offers many benefits to the seller over the conventional methods


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Why sell to us?

If you want to enjoy the benefits of a quick sale then contact us and we will get started right away with an instant offer.


Apart from the obvious benefit of getting you house sold within just a few weeks, or even less, the following benefits also give the seller the motivation to use us:

We do not charge any commission or fees to get your house sold quickly. There are no hidden charges for the sale; just a simple transparent selling process without the hidden charges.

You do not pay for your solicitor. We will pay up to £500 towards your solicitor’s costs to help you sell your house.

When you sell to us, your mortgage payments will stop so that you can be free from any financial commitments related to the house and have instant equity release from a house.

When you sell to us, you have the benefit of knowing when your house will be sold. Knowing when your house will be sold is an enormous benefit when you need to make plans based on the sale of the house. You can make arrangements accordingly in line with your future plans.

Rent the house from us – If you are not looking forward to hunting for another property after the sale of your house then you have the choice of staying in the same house you sell to us. We will give you the choice of renting the property back from us to help alleviate the pressures of moving.

Resolve difficult situations - selling your house quickly offers a number of benefits and allows homeowners who may have problem homes together quick sale of their property. There are a variety of situations which may require a house owner to sell a house quickly. Some common reasons for a quick sale include; relocation, stop a house repossession, ill health, equity release, separation, selling an inheritance and many more.

Sell your property in any condition – If you are concerned about the state of your property prior to a sale, don’t worry! We normally purchase properties in most conditions so you don’t have to have the stress of having your house presented well.
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